What We do

A nimble founder-led investment firm

Our culture is a key competitive advantage. Our success is based on a small and senior investment team in an environment of trust, independent thought, active debate, entrepreneurial spirit and loyalty.

Exploiting inefficiencies in a range of market environments

We are absolute return focussed style agnostic investors. Our goal is to compound capital irrespective of the broader market environment.

Skin in the game

Our incentives and client outcomes are fully aligned. We are significant investors in the fund alongside our clients. Capacity has been limited to maximise returns, we are not asset gatherers. We are singularly focussed and have no competing products.

Capital preservation is our ethos

We believe in the power of compounding. Capital preservation is critical for maintaining and growing purchasing power.

Meet Our Team

David Moberley

Co-founder & Portfolio Manager

James McBeath

Co-founder & Portfolio Manager